SmartSIM replaces the need for data plans at all three major US carriers, and consolidates carriers for hundreds of countries worldwide!

Everyone has a mobile device. We have mobility solutions that solve the multiple carrier problem.

Ask yourself, are you currently tired of having multiple wireless service providers, with multiple plans that you have to manage. This requires multiple conversations, with multiple people and in the end it creates multiple problems over multiple invoices.

Welcome to the new world of wireless

Mobilize and Empower your workforce!

Mobile technology has created opportunities to give users all of the applications and information they need even when they are on the move. The chain between a user and their desk has been cut allowing your teams to mobilize, engage customers in their settings and take the their work to the streets without suffering from any productivity loss. Mobile solutions are not only empowering to the end-users but are also productivity and profitability drivers for the modern workforce.

Like any game changing technology, mobilizing your workforce has come with its own unique set of challenges. Rather than become an expert on managing these solutions and waste time every month auditing bills and handling deployment and support, why not focus on strategic technology initiatives specific to your company and let mobility experts keep your users, devices and bills under control?

SmartSIM: Save money and maximize reliability!

SmartSIM technology could well be the answer to the question you didn’t know you needed to ask! Many companies have geographically diverse locations and users leading to a need for relationships with a variety of mobile carriers. This means testing to determine the best carrier for each user, managing contracts with multiple providers, receiving a variety of bills from carriers that have to be audited and having a thorough understanding of the support infrastructure and process for each one.


You can just use SmartSIM! One SIM card that can intelligently choose the carrier with the best signal and align itself with that network. One data pool, one contract, one provider, one support contact; and all of this without sacrificing the best service in each area!

We understand that no one solution is right for every company, at Wired Networks strives to understand how mobile solutions fit within your organization as well as how they drive profits for your company. Which users are using mobile applications and do the applications being used change depending on the type of user? Are all users on similar devices and are those devices meeting the needs of your employees?

By understanding the answers to questions like these Wired Networks can develop a plan to design, deploy and manage your mobile environment so that you can stay focused on more important projects.

The Wired Networks Difference

  • Design – In the design phase the most important thing to understand is exactly how devices and applications are being used and whether or not the current environment is meeting your users needs. Wired Networks will work with you to examine the devices and applications in play, as well as the type of wireless network they are leveraging to identify what is working and what can be improved on. New solutions and technologies will then be tested for reliability to make sure that the proposed solution does not just meet your needs, but exceeds them! Using SmartSIM there is built-in security and content filtering, as well as inherent efficiancy in pooling all three carriers into a single data plan.
  • Deploy – By working with manufacturers, carriers and application providers Wired Networks can simplify the deployment and staging process to meet your needs. Whether your team needs to put hands on devices to install proprietary applications or if you are looking for a true zero-touch deployment, Wired Networks will work with you to develop a deployment process that meets your needs without wasting your team’s time and resources.
  • Manage – Finally, Wired Networks will take the tedious task of managing all of these devices off of your hands and make sure your users have the support they need! Through our portal, you will have one-touch access to asset inventory as well as reports around mobile expense management to make sure your company needs are being met and no money is being wasted. Pairing with users with their devices, seeing those devices in real-time and make sure unused devices are turned down has never been easier! You will also have the availability to identify misuse of devices to keep data cost under control, all with the click of a mouse.

Taking the next step!

Giving your employees access to their information they need is a great first step, but finding a way to empower your entire company through mobility is a step that many companies aren’t taking. TAKE THE LEAP!

The information available through mobile marketing, geo-fencing, IP/Bluetooth capture and other mobile tools can provide invaluable information to your team that can drive profits and provide context for what direction it takes in the future. Knowledge is power and there is an infinite amount of knowledge available for those willing to take the next step with mobility!

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