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The work-from-home problem:

Allowing your employees the flexibility to work remotely has been a trend growing in popularity for some time now. With most employees claiming they prefer having a flexible workplace and recent events forcing many companies to embrace this trend, it is a safe bet that we will see the number of remote users grow.

While this trend is popular among users, it presents several problems for both the users and the support team:

  • Keeping company and customer data secure with mobile users.
  • Unstable/unpredictable internet connections at home offices.
  • Frequent internet outages keeping users from company network.
  • Poor application performance and frequent time-outs.
  • Terrible call quality and constant meeting interruptions.
  • No fail-over to keep users going during frequent outages.

Since the remote workforce is only growing, it is time that somebody addressed these issues with a simple and affordable solution to make home-users as productive and happy as those still coming into the office.

That somebody is Wired Networks!

All of the problems mentioned above come down to the need for three things that branch offices have that is not present at home offices:


Failover Solution

Backup connectivity for those times when your broadband connection just isn't cutting it.



Improve performance for your most important applications and put an end to phone frustrations.



Use company data and applications with the peace of mind knowing that your connection is secure.

Fail-over Solutions

Many modern businesses have already realized the need for multiple WAN connections at their offices due to the importance of Cloud applications to their profitability. If their primary connection goes down, having another solution that can keep their users up and running while their help-desk figures out what happened to the primary. These fail-over solutions can save companies a lot of money and help them keep driving revenue when they would otherwise have an office full of users twiddling their thumbs.

Traditionally it was difficult to find a realist fail-over option for work-from-home users because most houses have a single cable provider for the internet and that is it! 4G has always been waiting in the wings to be the solution that companies are waiting for, but with the looming possibility of huge overage bills has kept it from being a viable option.

Great news, Wired Networks has a truly unlimited data plan perfect for businesses and it is included in the home edition of our network-in-a-box solution! This plan has no throttling and will offer you all the speed available based on the carriers network. Which carrier you ask? Whichever one has the best signal at your remote user’s location! Our solution will identify the best available 4G signal and lock on to that carrier’s network. Your user can then use this connection for fail-over and load-balancing without fear of overage bills. The ONLY thing restricted will be real-time entertainment such as YouTube and Netflix (which they shouldn’t be on at work anyway).

Network Optimization

Modern networks are built to know that not all traffic is created equally and prioritize the traffic that is most important to your business and its users. When there is plenty of bandwidth this is a feature that is nice to have; but as more users login and bandwidth becomes scarce it can be the difference between your users getting work done or screaming at their computer/phone and calling IT to open a ticket.

Extending this technology to home-office users can put an end to choppy phone calls, laggy video on conference calls and constant application timeouts due to the unpredictability of consumer internet connections. SD-WAN can allow you to place emphasis on applications that are most important to your users and that are most susceptible to issues caused by limited bandwidth, latency or jitter. By working with your IT team, Wired Networks can identify and prioritize which applications are essential to your users and ship their network-in-a-box pre-configured and ready to go! No need to add another project to your IT team’s desk, just let Wired Networks take care of staging and configuration!

Secure Home Network

Keeping your company and customer data secure is just as important when your users are working from home as when they come to the office. Many companies are using software based VPNs in order to offer some level of security but all IT professionals know the limitations of these tools.

In an ideal world it would be possible to extend the same level of security to your home users as you have at your branch offices. Next-gen firewalls with IDS/IPS that offer secure access to your company network even from a home office. Deploying a solution that extends company security policies to remote users as well as giving them secure access wherever they go can give IT and leadership peace of mind that their company and customer data is still secure while enabling their users to work remotely.

The Wired Networks work-from-home solution offers a best in breed security solution that will allow you to sleep well at night knowing your remote users are as secure as those still coming into the office. We will work with your team to pre-configure and set policies prior to deploying the boxed solution so that when it gets to your users it will be as easy as plug-and-play without creating a huge new project for your over-worked IT team!

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