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Why chose Wired Networks?

As a vendor agnostic solution provider Wired Networks has access to all of the best in breed security providers and years of experience evaluating those vendors based on what is most important to our customer. Wired Networks takes the time to evaluate your current security solutions, identify potential threat vectors and help identify the vendor that can best fill the gaps and keep your users and data secure. You have a lot on your plate, let us help you find the right solution rather than spending countless hours researching endless vendors on your own.

Why Security as a Service?

Cost savings

Leverage the power of the Cloud by right-sizing your security solutions and not overspending building something from scratch! With flexible subscription options and a variety of tiers you can find the solution that will cover all of your users and locations at a price that won’t break the bank. Keeping your data secure won’t help you if you go bankrupt making sure it stays that way.

Security experts on call but not on payroll…

As you might have noticed there is a shortage of true cybersecurity professionals and the ones that are worth having are as expensive as they are in-demand! Rather than try to find one you can afford, have a team of them available without paying a single salary. SECaaS puts the assets you need on call whenever you need them without the liability of a full-time employee. With the security pool running dry, stop praying for rain and take advantage of the reservoir provided by companies that specialize in filling this void.

Fast, agile and scalable

Unlike home-grown solutions, SECaaS can be deployed almost immediately! Give your users access to best-in-class security solutions to keep company data safe right now before it’s too late. Already using Cloud based security solutions but your company is growing rapidly? Not a problem, scale up and down as needed so that your data is secure and you aren’t paying any more than you have to. SECaaS brings agility and scalability without sacrificing resiliency or dependability.

Free up your IT team

Security is a 24/7/365 job and your IT team has their plate full with strategic projects that help keep your employees productive. Do you sacrifice the security of your company and customer data by making your IT team split time between security and ongoing projects; or do you sacrifice productivity by having your IT team prioritize security over their users? Avoid decisions like this by taking security off of their plate and having dedicated security professionals at your disposal to keep data safe and users focused on making your company profitable.

3 Tenants of Security

The security of your company and customer data boils down to 3 primary tenants that need to be considered when developing a security strategy. If availability, confidentiality or integrity of your data becomes compromised the consequences can be devastating to productivity and your bottom-line.


All of the information in the world is useless if your users don’t have access to it. Losing access to some or all data can bring select departments or even your entire company to a screeching halt. What would your sales team do if they lost access to your CRM with all customer and opportunity information?

Availability includes keeping outside parties from getting into your data and locking you out as well as making sure that your users have a secure way to access the data they need from wherever they may be working. It also includes having a disaster recovery plan in place to get your employees access to that data again should anything happen. Knowing what downtime costs your company and having a well defined recovery-time-objective (RTO) and recovery-point-objective (RPO) will help you determine a security strategy that will protect your data while maintaining ROI.


As already stated, your data needs to always be available to your users as they need it; however, it is equally important that it is ONLY available to the right people. Allowing outside parties access to your data not only can be compromising but very costly. In the wrong hands, outside parties can use company, personnel and customer data to scam your customer and employee base or ransom that very data back to you.

Availability allows your users to stay productive while confidentiality protects your company, customers and employees from allowing outside parties to use that same data against them in a way that can cost you and them dearly.


Finally, maintaining the integrity of your data is incredibly important because having corrupt data can be just as detrimental as losing access to it all together. False billing information, incorrect contact information and false company correspondence are just some examples of how what could happen if the integrity of your data were to be compromised. No matter how available and confidential your data is, it isn’t going to do your team any good if it isn’t correct.

Often time outside parties will alter the integrity of your data as part of a larger attacks that attempt to compromise all 3 tenants of security. A ransomware attack is a great example. First the confidentiality is attacked when a hacker gets into your network. They will then alter the integrity of your data by corrupting backups to prevent you from meeting your pre-defined RTO and RPO. Once they have corrupted all of your backups they will lock you out of your own network denying availability. These attacks are a great example of how important availability, confidentiality and integrity are to the overall security of your company’s data.

Common types of SECaaS solutions

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