UCaaS: Unified Communications as a Service

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Bad communications are costly
The cost of poor communication is around $37 billion. According to 400 surveyed companies with 100,000+ employees, communication barriers cost most organizations around $62.4 million each year in lost productivity.
Employees struggle with disjointed communication tools
Evidence from No Jitter in 2018 found that 81% of workers use disparate solutions for conferencing, 83% use different tools for video conferencing, and 88% jump between apps for messaging.
Poor communication tools harm performance
RingCentral’s study on the future of the digital workplace found that 70% of respondents considered communication inefficiency is a challenge to getting things done. Respondents said they often toggle between 10 apps an hour.
Many companies still don’t have the right integrations
69% of employee phone conference, and video solutions aren’t integrated with their CRM. What’s more, 86% of respondents still say they rely primarily on their phone to connect with a global team.
Companies use UCaaS to access innovative functions
Mitel’s research also found that aside from supporting remote workers, cloud technology helped companies to increase access to innovative functions not available from legacy tools.

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As a vendor agnostic solution provider Wired Networks has access to all of the best in breed Cloud providers and years of experience evaluating those vendors based on what is most important to our customer. Wired Networks puts people first because the users at the end of the technology are what drive your company’s profits. Through an in-depth analysis of how your company will be using any given Cloud technology and how that relates to ongoing processes, we can save you time by bringing solutions to you that are catered to your needs rather than you having to waste precious time investigating countless potential providers.

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Why UCaaS?

For decades companies were required to maintain an expensive on-premise PBX, keep a maintenance contract on it and tie all of their voice traffic to aging copper infrastructure. When VoIP came along and gave companies the ability to use more reliable DIA connections and not have to maintain their own hardware it was a game changer! A PBX backed up in multiple data-centers that you didn’t have to maintain on your own, is this heaven? No, just a step in the right direction.

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) takes this solution to the next level by providing a multi-platform communication tool with zero maintenance for the end customer. Desk phones, soft-phones, cell phones; you name it and UCaaS solutions will work on it giving your employees flexibility like they’ve never known before! Add to this a rich list of features like chat, text, call recording and many others; and UCaaS is changing the way companies communicate with their customers!

No hardware to support, in many cases unlimited long-distance and a rich set of multi-platform features are only the beginning of why companies are flocking to UCaaS solutions. 

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Let’s take a look at some more strategic reasons you should be considering making the move!

Reason 1: Enable Remote Employees

Modern workforces are more mobile than they have ever been, and it looks like this trend will be continuing for the foreseeable future. It is estimated that 63% of U.S. companies currently employ remote workers and who knows how much higher that statistic will be in just a few year’s time!

In order to give these users the tools they need to continue being productive, give them a true “go anywhere” solution that will keep them connected and profitable for the company. UCaaS will keep users connected via voice, video calling, chat, document sharing, virtual meeting rooms and many other amazing collaborative tools.

Today’s users office is wherever they happen to be, make sure that office has all of the tools they need to stay in touch and stay productive.

Reason 2: Secure Sharing

While mobility is key to the productivity of modern remote workers, the security of the data they are accessing, and sharing is imperative to the success of the company and its customers. Modern communication providers are held to strict compliance standards and leverage the best security measures on the market where their hardware is hosted.

Give your users the flexibility to share data and files without losing peace of mind as it relates to the security of that data. UCaaS providers are regularly audited to ensure their solutions are secure and they encrypt your company data while in transit.

No amount of convenience can be justified if it isn’t secure, so make sure your mobile workers are using data as securely as the ones in an office.

Reason 3: Hands-Off  Maintenance/Support

We have already touched on the fact that you no longer have to worry about expensive maintenance on your on-premise hardware or the downtime associated with getting somebody out to make repairs if something does go wrong. What about supporting the solution? Is your help-desk currently in charge of helping users when they have issues with the existing voice solution?

Put an end to the madness! Have a fully staffed support team that knows the solution inside out to help you and your users make the most of your investment. You have enough open tickets without having to worry about supporting yet another technology!

All the features, none of headaches around maintaining and supporting, sounds like a win/win to us!

Reason 4: Cost Reduction

Many IT decision-makers are looking for opportunities to reduce capital expenses and create a more predictable billing cycle to make budgeting easier. UCaaS accomplishes both of these by providing the solution “as-a-service” and reduces the need for hardware maintenance or upgrades.

As an added benefit, many UCaaS providers offer unlimited long-distance to even further stabilize your monthly bill and prevent surprise increases that will cause havoc with your budget and most likely make you some enemies in the accounting department.

Simplify and reduce costs while limiting your exposure to the unpredictable nature of hardware breakdowns!

Reason 5: Enable Innovation

Having agile technology solutions creates an environment for innovation! As users and managers are given access to new features and better reporting processes can be improved upon and productivity can soar! With automated updates to Cloud based technologies your users will constantly have access to the most up-to-date features and reporting giving them more information and tools than they have ever experienced. Many times it is the features that you weren’t even looking for that could be a game-changer for your business in the long run. You’ve been getting along fine for years without them, so how could they be a necessity? Give your users access and watch them quickly become an integral part of your users’ everyday processes.

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