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Why Wired Networks?

As a vendor agnostic solution provider Wired Networks has access to all of the best in breed Cloud providers and years of experience evaluating those vendors based on what is most important to our customer. Wired Networks puts people first because the users at the end of the technology are what drive your company’s profits. Through an in-depth analysis of how your company will be using any given Cloud technology and how that relates to ongoing processes, we can save you time by bringing solutions to you that are catered to your needs rather than you having to waste precious time investigating countless potential providers.

Let Wired Networks’s experience save you time and help you find the solution that will make you a champion around the office! You set the parameters for a winning solution and we will pit best in class solution providers against each other to find out who will come out on top for your needs!

Importance of Mobility Management

Today’s workforce is more geographically diverse than ever before and the number of mobile devices that modern IT teams have to support is growing exponentially every year. From cell-phones and laptops, to tablets and smart-watches; users are leveraging a variety of mobile technologies that the IT team is expected to support, deploy, manage and keep secure.

Keeping track of all of these devices and making sure they are used appropriately can be a nightmare from a support perspective! Pushing policies related to usage, keeping data secure, troubleshooting devices and monitoring data usage to prevent overages are all a necessity to keep businesses running smoothly and prevent outrageous cellular bills.

Without the right tools in place your team could be left juggling several carriers, hardware providers and countless remote login tools to make sure all policies are being followed and data is secured. The right mobility management tool can put everything your team needs from deployment to retirement of a device right at their fingertips and automate most of the day-to-day management!



Take the headaches out of deploying mobile devices by creating group configurations that new devices can automatically download when they go live. Gone are the days of having to manually set up every device, add company security policies and usage rules. With mobility management tools all of this can be automated and accomplished remotely.

Just ship the device to your user, let them power it up and the tools will do the rest. If you have hundreds of devices you now only have to go through the process of setting them up once rather than hundreds of times!



While users may think your job is easy, it’s only because they don’t see all of the work that goes into managing the devices they seem to think work by themselves. While they may think magic keeps them running, in reality it is the hard work of IT teams pushing firmware updates, troubleshooting alerts as they come up and constantly working to improve the user experience.

Manage all of this remotely from a single pane of glass rather than focusing on individual devices. Consolidate, simplify and streamline with modern mobility management tools!



Quite possibly the only thing more important than the availability of company information to users is its security. While it is imperative that employees have access to the tools and applications they need to keep driving profits for the company, making sure customer and company data are secured from outside parties is imperative!

With mobility management software you can push security protocols and procedures to all mobile devices remotely and at one time. Make sweeping changes to all devices or create groups with different rules to allow for different job roles; all of this can be accomplished quickly and remotely with these tools.



While in a perfect world everything would work as planned all of the time, we don’t live in that world yet. Inevitably users are going to experience issues with their devices and need your assistance in troubleshooting them. With the right mobility management tool many of these tickets can be resolved remotely through the portal rather than having them bring you the device.

Push updated configurations and firmware updates and see overall health of the device from the comfort of your desk!

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