CCaaS: Contact Center as a Service

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Picking up every call saves businesses money
A 1% improvement in first call response rate equals around $276,000 in annual operational savings for contact centers.
Clients want innovation
Your customers want you to invest in the latest customer experience technology. 57% of customers say that change is crucial.
Businesses are losing money on poor service
Around $75 billion is lost every year on poor customer service experiences.
Intelligent contact centers deliver real results
Aberdeen found that intelligence in the contact center leads to a 16.5% improvement in customer retention, 121.2% improvement in customer effort score, and an increase in positive brand mentions.
Speed is crucial
The right contact center solution helps businesses to speed up problem resolution. When they have a service question, 90% of customers say that an immediate response is crucial.

We are partners to all the best cloud CCaaS service providers and have years of experience evaluating their services. Let us find the winning solution for your business.

Why Wired Networks?

As a vendor agnostic solution provider Wired Networks has access to all of the best in breed Cloud providers and years of experience evaluating those vendors based on what is most important to our customer. Wired Networks puts people first because the users at the end of the technology are what drive your company’s profits. Through an in-depth analysis of how your company will be using any given Cloud technology and how that relates to ongoing processes, we can save you time by bringing solutions to you that are catered to your needs rather than you having to waste precious time investigating countless potential providers.

Let Wired Networks’s experience save you time and help you find the solution that will make you a champion around the office! You set the parameters for a winning solution and we will pit best in class solution providers against each other to find out who will come out on top for your needs!

Why CCaaS?

Controlling the customer experience has been a key element in maintaining customer satisfaction and keeping customers coming back to do more business for a long time. The advent of new communication platforms has changed the way customers engage with companies in many ways and Contact Centers are now an integral part of how customers communicate with businesses. Their experience when using a contact center can greatly impact their overall experience and likelihood of being a return customer.

CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) leverages the Cloud to bring enterprise grade contact center solutions to businesses of all sizes! Rather than having to build and maintain expensive on-premise solutions that can be hard to configure and support, companies can now have a completely Cloud based solution with a simple portal for configuration and management. CCaaS allows companies to extend their contact center across multiple communication platforms including chat-bots, SMS and traditional phone calls while keeping everything visible and easily managed by contact center agents.

CCaaS is a game-changer for many businesses and the reason varies from company to company. Let’s explore some common reasons that companies are flocking to CCaaS providers!

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Reason 1: Enable Remote Employees

Modern workforces are more mobile than they have ever been and it looks like this trend will be continuing for the foreseeable future. It is estimated that 63% of U.S. companies currently employ remote workers and who knows how much higher that statistic will be in just a few years time!

In order to give these users the tools they need to continue being productive, give them a true “go anywhere” solution that will keep them connected and profitable for the company. CCaaS will keep users connected via voice, video calling, chat, document sharing, virtual meeting rooms and many other amazing collaborative tools.

Today’s users office is wherever they happen to be, make sure that office has all of the tools they need to stay in touch and stay productive. Making sure that your contact center agents are providing the same exceptional customer experience from wherever they may be working is important to overall customer satisfaction!

Reason 2: Reporting & Analytics

Contact centers often handle incredible call volume and all of those calls are important to your company’s reputation and the way it is perceived by those on the phone. CCaaS solutions offer in depth analysis of the entire customer experience when interacting with a contact center across all channels (chat, SMS, phone conversations, etc.). This data can provide management with important details around how agents are performing and where there are opportunities for improvement in processes

This information can also help guide future marketing decisions by showing how customers prefer to be contacted. By looking at trends around customer interaction and the platforms they prefer sales and marketing departments can plan future campaigns around these preferences to improve conversion rates.

Reason 3: Omni-Channel Capabilities

Customers communicate in different ways based on their own personal preferences as well as the type of information they are looking for. CCaaS solution’s omni-channel capabilities allow agents to engage with customers in a way of their choosing across multiple platforms including:

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone SMS
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Web

Empower your agents and allow your customers to communicate in a way of their choosing with the flexibility afforded by CCaaS!

Reason 4: Hands-Off Maintenance/Support

We have already touched on the fact that you no longer have to worry about expensive maintenance on your on-premise hardware or the downtime associated with getting somebody out to make repairs if something does go wrong. What about supporting the solution? Is your help-desk currently in charge of helping agents when they have issues with the existing contact center solution?

Put an end to the madness! Have a fully staffed support team that knows the solution inside out to help you and your users make the most of your investment. You have enough open tickets without having to worry about supporting yet another technology!

All the features, none of headaches around maintaining and supporting, sounds like a win/win to us!

Reason 5: Cost Reduction

Many IT decision-makers are looking for opportunities to reduce capital expenses and create a more predictable billing cycle to make budgeting easier. CCaaS accomplishes both of these by providing the solution “as-a-service” and reduces the need for hardware maintenance or upgrades.

Simplify and reduce costs while limiting your exposure to the unpredictable nature of hardware breakdowns!

Reason 6: Key Application Integrations

Cloud-based solutions such as CCaaS are made for integrating with existing solutions meaning your team can continue to leverage tools and software they are familiar with why adding in the capabilities afforded them by CCaaS. Agents can easily log calls and meaningful information into CRM’s, update existing tickets in ticketing tools or een update marketing and communication preferences in marketing platforms all from the same tool they are using to communicate with the customer in real-time!

Reason 7: Enable Innovation

Having agile technology solutions creates an environment for innovation! As agents and management are given access to new features and better reporting processes can be improved upon and productivity can soar! With automated updates to Cloud based technologies your users will constantly have access to the most up-to-date features and reporting giving them more information and tools than they have ever experienced.

Many times it is the features that you weren’t even looking for that could be a game-changer for your business in the long run. You’ve been getting along fine for years without them, so how could they be a necessity? Give your users access and watch them quickly become an integral part of your users’ everyday processes.

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