24/7/365 Network Connectivity with Wired Networks
Primary Network Solutions

Unlock consistent access to all your business-critical cloud applications with high speed primary internet connectivity

The internet just went down in the middle of the day. Again. Insert expletive. As if on cue, the phones start ringing off the hook with users griping about the outage and pestering you with questions about how long it’ll take to be back online. Just another day in the life of an underappreciated IT worker. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead, you could be the IT superhero who saves the day by preventing downtime behind-the-scenes so that most users don’t even know a crisis was averted.

Primary network solutions from Wired Networks help organizations of all sizes get online and grow online by guaranteeing reliable, fast and efficient business connectivity — regardless of whether you’re in the sticks or among skyscrapers.

Which outcome would you prefer? The choice is yours.

Internet outages kill productivity and profit. Near perfect uptime ensures reliable access to the cloud-based applications that power today’s businesses. Whether you handle IT for a small rural coffee shop using mobile card readers to accept credit card payments or you’re part of a Fortune 500 company managing a corporate network across hundreds of locations, making sure user access to the internet is available 24/7/365 is an important — albeit sometimes thankless — job.

And that’s just the beginning! In the rare event that your primary connection drops, we will establish 4G failover or another backup network solution to guarantee 99.99% uptime.

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Why Wired Networks?

Simply put, we go above and beyond for our customers.

Which Network Solution is Right For You?

Your primary internet connection is the foundation on which your business connectivity stands. When paired with the right failover solution, it helps ensure your business-critical cloud applications remain accessible 99.99% of the time. Determining which primary solution is best for you depends on various factors such as your location (urban or rural), availability, budget and bandwidth needs.
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The improved bandwidth, latency, and capacity of 4G/5G LTE provides a more dynamic and versatile connection that’s not limited like traditional wired technology solutions.
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Broadband DSL

Broadband DSL

Often used as primary internet connection, high speed DSL-based broadband can serve as secure and dependable foundation to run your most important business-critical applications.
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When landlines or cables are compromised, a satellite internet solution can keep you up and running. Unlike other network solutions, satellite isn’t prone to localized disasters or backhoes.
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A secure business-class cable modem is a popular and affordable option for dependable internet. Working with cable companies can be a pain though, which is why Wired Networks handles it for you.
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Fiber optic offers a high speed, reliable connection delivery method, ensuring that your business stays online. Come rain or shine, stay connected to your cloud applications with lightning-fast speed.
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A fixed wireless connection can be a viable and cost-effective primary solution that isn’t prone to backhoes and infrastructure woes. When paired with the right backup solution, a wireless connection can be the key to maximum network uptime.
Diverse fiber/diverse DIA is another popular option for business continuity. While it’s not available in every region, it can be a very profitable failover solution if it’s offered near you.
Talk to an Wired Networks expert about which internet redundancy and failover solution is right for your business.
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