5 MSP Benefits of Providing Highly Available Networks to Customers

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More than ever, the data network is the lifeline for most businesses to operate. Both private, public, and wireless applications continue to skyrocket, and user adoption rates with them.

Consequently, here at Wired Networks, our goal is to provide a bulletproof data/internet network for our business and managed service provider (MSP) clients that require it.

Since we resell most of the major providers, we can own the pricing, contracting, ordering, provisioning, and installation of data and internet services anywhere in the United States. We configure, or can provide configuration, to all network equipment for failover/failback from primary to backup. We install the solution and test it with your team, or the customer, to make sure it’s operating as advertised.

But where we really stand out from other telecommunications companies out there is that we take this one step further by monitoring and troubleshooting all internet, MPLS, and data network issues with our proactive managed NOC solutions until the issue is isolated and fixed.

How Highly Available Internet Benefits MSP Companies

1. Huge selling point

You now have another valuable differentiator from your competitors because you bring highly available solutions throughout both the LAN and WAN. By partnering with Wired Networks, you can confidently say that you build a network that’s as close to bulletproof as possible.

2. Greater control

Your customer’s user experience on the network as a whole is tied to the internet/data network. You have more control over quality of service (QoS), bandwidth, and user experience than ever before. Thus, your solutions work that much better.

3. Happier customers

Your customer benefits from higher network uptime, helping them profit from costly outages. We can guarantee a reduction in network downtime from an hour or a few hours per month (before), to just a few minutes or likely less (after). Customers with less downtime are more efficient, more profitable, and therefore a heck of a lot happier.

4. Extinguish carrier fires once and for all

Your staff no longer has to worry about running around putting out carrier fires. Instead, we are the carrier and we do that, allowing you to focus resources on company growth and profitability.

5. MSP network confidence

MSPs have more opportunities to leverage the data/internet network because it works. In addition, there are more opportunities to sell applications and solutions to the customer because they have a reliable network that they know works.

Okay, But How Much Does It Cost?

Believe it or not, this isn’t a break the bank kind of solution either. In most cases, Wired Networks can provide this service with a 4G as a backup solution that we install and manage for pennies on the dollar. The technology is here, now, and we have other MSP partners already taking advantage of this. We want you to be next.

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