What is 4G Failover?

In a business landscape where staying connected is more important every day, many businesses find themselves looking for ways to reduce network downtime—or even eliminate is altogether. By keeping employees constantly connected to the tools they need to do business, productivity increases. And along with it, so do profits.

The question is:

How can I effectively take steps to eliminate network downtime without breaking the bank?

If it isn’t obvious already, you’ll need a separate network connection that can be used when your primary connection goes down. This failover connection needs to be readily available to pick up the workload should it be needed, and have a diverse path into the office to help prevent it from going down along with the primary connection.

To some it may seem like a waste to pay for a service you’ll rarely use. But when it’s needed, it can be the difference between keeping your business running normally and bringing productivity to a screeching halt.

Think of it like insurance. You hope you don’t have to use it, but it’s irresponsible not to have it.

While there are many possible solutions available to use as a redundant network connection, it’s important to find one that is diverse from your primary connection. Two connections from the same carrier will both go down at the same time, defeating the purpose of a failover. Your failover network should also be able provide the bandwidth necessary to keep your business operating as normal.

Enter 4G failover solutions to save the day.

The 4G network is almost ubiquitous across the country (with a few exceptions), and it’s diverse from any wired connection. This provides true redundancy.

While many people only think of their cell phone when they think of 4G, this is a limited view of its functionality. Industry leaders such as Cradlepoint have come forward with enterprise-grade routers that allow for signal optimization and minimization of signal-to-noise ratio to produce a reliable solution that’s much faster than you might expect.

Another strength of the 4G failover solution is its affordability and flexibility when it comes to terms. 4G can usually be rolled out very rapidly compared to many wired connections, resulting in much shorter terms and a very cost effective model.

By leveraging the flexibility and redundancy allowed by the 4G network, businesses can feel confident that their employees will have access to the tools and applications need to drive profits.

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