Network-in-a-Box (Anywhere)

Mobile solution you can carry anywhere that includes:


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Wired Networks is redefining 'mobile workforce'

With all of the attention being given to the home-office recently it is easy to forget that there are truly MOBILE users out there who need connectivity everywhere they go in order to get their job done. For far too long these users have had to lean on consumer grade hot-spots or have had to tether with their phone and hope for a connection strong enough to get their job done. No more, now there is a small, lightweight case with a built-in enterprise grade 4G solution and integrated antennas that will keep them productive and secure anywhere they go!

What you get:

Ruggedized Case

Our network-in-a-box Anywhere edition comes in a ruggedized, lightweight case that can easily be carried everywhere without being an inconvenience. The case includes external facing ports for power, ethernet, USB and an integrated fan to keep the hardware inside at a safe temperature no matter where you users may need to take it. Add to these features the fact that it offers an incredible level of shock-absorption and insulation to make this case capable of handling even the most hostile of environments.

Enterprise 4G Solution

Don’t trust the productivity of your users to a consumer grade hot-spot with no built-in security features when you can have an enterprise-grade 4G router! Remotely configure and manage this device as well as pushing company security policies to make sure that your users are productive and secure wherever they go without having to return the case to your everytime a change needs to be made. Manage all cases from a single portal to control usage, update firmware, troubleshoot user issues and manage VPN connections back to your company network from the comfort of your desk.

Antennas Integrated into Case

While there are a few other solutions on the market similar to Wired Networks’s, all of them use antennas that have to screwed on and then off each time it is set-up and stick out the side of the box, or they are attached to the lid which has to be open during use. Wired Networks brings you a solution with antennas integrated into the lid of the case to make using it as easy as turning on the power. This feature also prevents the possibility of broken antennas due to the mobility of the solution making it both more convenient and more rugged!


While the case has external facing ethernet ports for your users to plug into should they so desire it also has WiFi available for an even easier way for them to connect and get to work! WiFi network names and passwords can easily be changed and managed remotely by your IT team to keep the device secure and your users happy and productive.

Built-in Power-bank

If your users need a case to get them online the odds are they will be somewhere without power available. To overcome this problem Wired Networks has put a battery-pack into the case that can keep them up and running for 12 hours before needing to be recharged! When the time comes to recharge it then it can simply plug into a port on the outside of the case without needing to take the battery out. This solution is completely wireless even when it comes to power!

SmartSIM Technology

SmartSIM technology could well be the answer to the question you didn’t know you needed to ask! The mobility of this solution means that on any given day the best available wireless carrier could be different than the day before, assuming the carrier you used yesterday is available at all at the new location! This means testing to determine the best carrier for each user, managing contracts with multiple providers, receiving a variety of bills from carriers that have to be audited and having a thorough understanding of the support infrastructure and process for each one.


You can just use SmartSIM! One SIM card that can intelligently choose the carrier with the best signal and align itself with that network. One data pool, one contract, one provider, one support contact; and all of this without sacrificing the best service in each area!

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