All-in-one WAN solutions
for home, office or anywhere!



All-in-one WAN solution for home, office or anywhere!

All pre-configured and ready to plug and play!

Gone are the days of spending countless hours piecing together a reliable and secure WAN solution from a variety of vendors ranging from diverse carriers, to hardware providers and security partners! Wired Networks is bringing you the future of WAN by providing redundancy, diversity, reliability, security, and optimization so simple that a 5th-grader can install it!


Experience the Wired Networks difference. Contact us today to see which of our Network-in-a-Box options works for you.

As flexible as it is simple, this solution can include a variety of connection types ranging from DIA & broadband, to 4G and eventually Starlink. Still using MPLS? Not a problem, we can deliver those circuits as well and make sure your backup network works seamlessly with your primary MPLS connections. Add to all of this a true SASE solution offering SD-WAN features as well as best in class security and you have a plug-and-play WAN that used to take at least 4-5 vendors per site to create!

As if this solution needed a cherry on top, Wired Networks offers second to none customer service and response time. Our customer first approach is like nothing you have ever experienced, and you’ll wonder why you ever put up with the way carriers treated you for years!

Network-in-a-Box: Home Edition

As more and more users find themselves needing to work remotely, businesses must find a way to recreate the same network experience that users have become accustomed to at countless geographically diverse sites. Anybody who has worked from a home office has experienced at least some of the following:
  • WAN outages
  • Call quality issues
  • Internet congestion
  • Unpredictable bandwidth
  • Slow application performance
These are only the issues the user is dealing with; in the background the IT team has to also be concerned about the security of company data with countless remote customers and VPN’s being added to their network. Thanks to your friends at Wired Networks you can easily and affordably provide your remote users with:
  • Fail-over internet connection
  • SD-WAN
  • QoS for voice traffic
  • Best-in-class security
No additional work for IT, improved security, performance and user experience, WAN redundancy even at the most remote locations, and all from a single vendor dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry! Contact us today to get your demo unit and start the process of empowering your remote workers!

Network-in-a-Box: Branch Edition

While many companies have found a solution that gets them by at their branch locations, few are happy with user experience and support they are getting. This could largely be due to the fact that they are likely having to work with at minimum:
  • Carrier A (primary connection)
  • Carrier B (backup connection)
  • Hardware vendor A (router)
  • Hardware vendor B (firewall)
Not to mention all the different support systems and points of contact that have to be kept track of and juggled! Complicate these even further by considering you have 10-20 sites and the same carriers won’t be available at all of them, and you have a nightmarish combination of vendors who prioritize customer service far below their own profits! Let Wired Networks simplify your life by providing all of the following with a single bill and support structure:
  • Primary network connection
  • Backup network connection
  • Managed SD-WAN solution
  • Best-in-class firewall
  • 24/7/365 NOC monitoring and issue resolution
Worried about transition from your existing hodge-podge solution over to your new streamlined WAN? No need, Wired Networks will develop a detailed migration plan and put techs on-site at all of your locations to install and test all elements of the solution! Without our customers we have nothing, so it only makes sense to put their satisfaction and needs first! Contact us today to schedule a demo or discuss pricing and implementation!

Network-in-a-Box: Anywhere!

Every day new applications come up that users need access to not in their home offices, but out in the field. While smartphones may work for some of these, there are times that users are needing to setup office all over the place, and sometimes support multiple users! How can this be done if they are far from an internet connection, security appliance and in many cases, power? Wired Networks has solved this problem for you and it is literally in a box! Our new Box o’ ANYWHERE solution consists of all of the following elements:
  • Ruggedized mobile case
  • Enterprise 4G router
  • Integrated antennas
  • Built-in firewall
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
This lightweight case travels wherever your field users do easily and can keep them online all day with a single battery! With many security features built-in, you can give users access to company data and applications with confidence knowing that they are secure, and your data is safe. Worried about finding the best carrier as they move and data overages? No need! With SmartSIM technology (see this article in our Knowledge Base for more details) the router will connect to the carrier with the best signal automatically! No need to swap SIM cards, manage multiple data plans or even reflash the router; wherever the case goes it will find the best available connection! Pair this with a truly unlimited data plan that won’t throttle your users speed and you have a solution that will allow your mobile workforce to create a secure and reliable office anywhere they go!

Why Choose Wired Networks?

We’re a different kind of technology provider, and we think you’ll like that.

By partnering with Wired Networks, we simplify the entire process by giving you all of these options under one bill and utilizing the best prices in each market to keep pricing competitive — all while providing an end user experience of 99.99% uptime.