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Diversity: the key to internet redundancy, backup internet connection and business continuity

Any number of unforeseen disasters can cause a network outage — power outage, bad weather, over-utilization, a careless construction worker with a backhoe, you name it. For these and other reasons, no single connection can truly provide 99.99% uptime. If your business has a single-threaded network, you’ll always be on the edge of disaster should your network go down. When your primary WAN connection fails you need a backup internet connection. Traffic should be automatically re-routed to a secondary connection.

At Wired Networks, we strive to find you the best possible network failover solution that’s always diverse — meaning it’s sourced from a different carrier and has a different entry point into the building when possible. This diversity helps to prevent a carrier outage, natural disaster, human error or other factor from taking both connections down and leaving you stranded without your cloud-based applications. Plus, we keep things simple by including both connections on a single bill.

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Which Network Failover Solution is Right For You?

There are multiple ways to accomplish network failover to ensure internet redundancy, business continuity and 99.99% uptime. Determining which secondary internet connection is best for you depends on various factors such as your location (urban or rural), availability, budget and bandwidth needs.
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The improved bandwidth, latency, and capacity of 4G/5G LTE provides a more dynamic and versatile backup connection that’s not limited like traditional wired technology solutions.
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Broadband DSL

Broadband DSL

Often used as primary internet connection, high speed DSL-based broadband can also serve as secure failover link when your primary satellite, fiber optic or 4G connection drops out.
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When landlines or cables are compromised, a satellite internet backup solution can keep you up and running. Unlike other network solutions, satellite isn’t prone to localized disasters or backhoes.
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If your primary internet connection is fiber, 4G or satellite, you can implement a secure business-class cable modem as a backup in the event that availability of your primary network fails.
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Fiber optic offers high internet speed and a reliable secondary connection delivery method, ensuring that your business stays online even when one connection fails. Stay connected to your cloud applications.
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A secondary fixed wireless connection can serve as a viable and cost-effective backup solution, as long as it doesn’t rely on the same cables and infrastructure as your primary internet connection.
Diverse fiber/diverse DIA is another popular option for business continuity. While it’s not available in every region, it can be a very profitable failover solution if it’s offered near you.
Talk to an Wired Networks expert about which internet redundancy and failover solution is right for your business.
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