Why CCaaS is on the rise!

Contact Centers as a Service

It is no secret that solutions traditionally meant for contact centers are making their way into other lines of business. The same increased visibility and compatibility that have made call center agents more effective can have the same effect across the entire company. As business leaders wrap their minds around this truth, the industry has evolved to accommodate the needs of all of its new users.

Let’s look at WHY leadership is falling in love with this solution!

Integration Nation

Recent surveys have indicated that 62% of companies say one of the biggest hurdles when choosing future solutions is their ability to integrate with current software. The ability of CCaaS to allow for a very flexible environment conducive to integration gives it an edge over solutions and gives companies an edge in regard to customer experience.

Omnichannel Greatness

Modern customers want options when they reach out to you, making multiple communication channels essential for modern businesses. Recently, Microsoft found that ~66% of companies have at least 3 channels of communication available to their customers and prospects.

Knowledge is Power

66% seems to be a magic number as it is also the percentage of contact centers eager to invest in advanced analytics. Increased information available to users and managers leads to a better overall customer experience and an increased likelihood of future business/good reviews.

AI is Money

Artificial intelligence is a game changer for businesses that integrate it into their processes. Companies leveraging AI see, on average, 2.4 times higher revenue increases yearly through increased efficiency and decreased workload for human employees.

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CCaaS Statistics

  • Going Remote: Many companies are seeing the value of allowing their employees to work remotely, and it is paying off! Recent studies show that remote employees work up to 1.4 days more every month.
  • Stay agile: Allowing for more workplace agility at one call center dropped absenteeism from 62% to 5%. The same team increased the number of calls handled from 1300 to 1800.
  • Save money: Improving the overall customer experience actually saves companies real money at the end of the day. Forbes estimates that poor customer experiences cost businesses $75 billion every year.
  • Increase revenue: Using customer intelligence data provided by CCaaS solutions has been shown to increase revenue by around 15%.
  • Right tools for the job: Despite the importance of customer experience, 60% of contact center agents claim not to have the right tools to do their job. To add insult to injury, 34% say they can’t even easily access customer information!
  • Improve efficiency: CCaaS solutions have been shown to be 27% cheaper and routinely have around 35% less downtime. That improvement in efficiency leads to a real difference in CX and profits.
  • Companies benefit from WFH: CCaaS allows for the ultimate flexibility for call center agents. Considering every agent working from home can save their employer up to $25,000, this becomes a significant feature!

While all too often in the world of technology buzzwords usually end up being more hype than anything, CCaaS is living up to all of the hype in a big way. While originally CCaaS gained attention by changing the way traditional call centers did business, now these solutions are proving their worth across many departments.

Numbers don’t lie; the numbers show that CCaaS is here to stay! If you aren’t considering what it can do for you, you are probably missing out on a great opportunity.

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