IT Expense Audits & Management

Cloud, SaaS, Telecom and Mobility

We can help you fund your next project with the savings we find


1 %

of telecom bills contain errors.


1 %

in soft cost savings with a mobility audit.

IN 2020

$ 1 billion

Expected wasted cloud capacity and expense by businesses this year.


1 %

 of all provisioned licenses have been actively used in the last 30 days.

Today, more than ever, your company depends on technology and the Cloud to keep all of the wheels turning and your customers happy! The larger of a role technology plays in your business the more of an investment it becomes. Tracking these expenses to make sure you are only paying for what you need can be intimidating when you consider reviewing all of your company’s technology expenses:
As daunting as it can be, there are significant savings for most companies in each one of these categories. Across all of these expenses any individual company can save money that could be the difference between getting by and having the funds free to grow!

Enter Wired Networks!

With the experience and partnerships to help you optimize your budget in all of these categories without your team having to invest your own time. Rapidly identify and take advantage of savings across your entire technology spend in order to create a budget for new projects or just increase your profit margins by lowering operating expenses.


Modern businesses can’t operate without their wide area network, VoIP, long distance/SIP, POTs lines and, conferencing; but that doesn’t mean you should be overpaying for all of it! Depending on how many locations you have and how geographically diverse they are, you could be juggling contracts and bills from 10+ carriers! Making sure that you are actually getting what you are contracted for across all of these can cost you more in time than you would save if you found issues doing it yourself!

Let Wired Networks do all of the leg work going line-by-line through bills looking for passive billing, erroneous fees or service charges and services that are billing more than the contracted rate! Take advantage of the savings without having to do any of the tedious work and don’t waste brainpower on anything other than what you will be doing with your savings!

Stop spending too much and start saving

Telecommunications is one of the most difficult expense categories to manage. Companies lose 12%-17% of what they spend on telecommunications as a result of unorganized telecom expense management.


1 %

of bills contain errors that businesses can miss for months on end.

1 %

are paid without an audit or review.

This is a significant amount of unnecessary expense. A zero-cost, risk-free telecom audit can change all of that by finding those costly errors and turning them into credits, as well as reducing costs going forward.


With public Cloud usage growing every year it is easy for your spend on services like AWS and Azure to quickly grow out of control. While most of this may be money well spent, if you are anything like most companies out there you are probably letting a good portion of money slide through the cracks as well!

Within any public Cloud, it is common to spin up new instances that are related to a specific time-sensitive project, sand-boxing or even just for a very short term test. Without regularly reviewing your Cloud usage these orphan instances can quickly grow to be as costly as the ones actually driving productivity and profits for you and your team!

Regularly reviewing your Cloud inventory, checking usage and identifying orphaned or abandoned instances could be the key to an eye-opening, and possibly jaw-dropping, amount of monthly savings. Automate this process with Wired Networks’s help and don’t tie up your team to do work that can easily be done by a computer. All of the savings with none of the hassle!

Expense Optimization Icon Sketch

Expense Optimization

Find the biggest savings with predictive analytics and resource purchasing recommendations.

Resource Recommendations Icon Sketch

Resource Recommendations

Find wasted resources, configuration recommendations, and ensure your money is optimized across all of your cloud accounts.

Expense Allocations Icon Sketch

Expense Allocations

Get instant insight and reporting into spends across disparate cloud service providers. 

Billing Controls Icon Sketch

Billing Controls

Feel confident that you are overspending on cloud services with alerts and cloud governance tools.

Best Practices Icon Sketch

Best Practices

Monitor your cloud resources to find idle or unused instances to ensure you are using best practices to reduce cost.

Invoicing Automation Icon Sketch

Invoicing Automation

Create and schedule invoices across accounts, departments and application owners.

Without the means to effectively and accurately manage idle cloud resources, it can be easy to lose track of the capacity you have paid for, but don’t use. This can be costly, both financially and in wasted capacity, which is set to exceed $17.6 Billion in 2020 alone.


With the workforce becoming more mobile every day, the number of mobile devices being managed by the company continues to skyrocket. These devices represent not only the one-time cost of purchasing the device (tablet, mobile phone, etc.) but in many cases also a monthly fee associated with service. Since many of these devices are on metered data plans, overages are also a concern and something most businesses have had to deal with at some point.

With a variety of devices, rate plans, carriers and use cases, wrapping your arms around your mobility spend can be enough to drive your IT or accounting team to drinking. With our tools and expertise, Wired Networks can help you identify unused devices or rate plans, opportunities to right-size rate plans, promotional rates available to current customers without contract extensions and identify errors or passive billing.

Just keeping up with the devices related to hiring/firing and turning down services and recovering devices when employees move on can be enough to keep your team busy; add to that contract and bill audits as well as credit recovery and inventory and you might as well start hiring additional staff because you will need it for this task!

Estimated Mobility Audit ROI

20% savings on carrier expenses in the first year
20% in hard cost savings
(or $8.50/line savings) 20%
40% percent long-term savings on carrier expenses
(after the first year) 40%
50% percent IT overhead savings
up to 60% in soft cost savings
(or $8.50/line savings) 60%
100% percent savings on in-house IT mobility support, due to the elimination of this IT responsibility

SaaS/Shadow IT

For many of us, applications drive our daily productivity and our ability to get things done. Whether it is an ERP, CRM, email, calendar or an application specific to your business; these software tools are imperative to our ability to do our jobs and keep our customers happy.

Sadly, most of these tools aren’t free. With employees needing access to more and more applications every year the cost of keeping your users productive continues to rise along with the number of applications being used. Much like with Cloud instances, this is money well spent until you realize you might be paying for licenses that aren’t even being used; or purchasing new licenses when you have some to spare!

Regular audits of how many employees are logging into a tool versus how many you have bought licenses for can help you make sure that you are only spending money on the employees who actually need access to each tool. While you never want a user to be without an important application needed for their job, it is equally devastating to be paying for users to have access who don’t need it or aren’t going to use it.

Engage Wired Networks today to allow our team and tools to do all of the work needed to make sure you aren’t spending more than you need to on software

  • On average, only 62% of all provisioned licenses have been actively used in the last 30 days.
  • 50% of SaaS applications are expensed by employees.
  • The typical 800-person US company uses 141 SaaS apps across the organization.
  • With 97% of CIOs unable to see their total SaaS exposure, security threats have become a major enterprise problem.
  • Enterprise SaaS spend is growing at 25% year-on-year and is already the #2 cost item for many organizations.

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