Network-in-a-Box (Branch edition)

Finally a branch solution that offers:

The problem with most branch solutions:

Building a network solution that is secure, reliable, repeatable and simple enough to deploy and support across all sites is a challenge that many an IT person has faced at some point in their career. The process is tedious, mind-numbing and time consuming!

In the end you are evaluating a variety of different solutions to make sure that you check all of the boxes. For each element of the solution you have to evaluate a variety of vendors, find one that meets your needs and fits your budget, develop a deployment strategy and then find a way to support each element of the solution while having a different contact for troubleshooting every element.

The system is broken and Wired Networks has the solution! Our network-in-a-box branch solution includes:

  • Best in breed security
  • SD-WAN for application prioritization and routing
  • Built-in fail-over with wireless last mile
  • Single point-of-contact for support
  • Turn-key deployment/migration services

Stop wasting time looking for one solution that does it all or trying to put together a multi-vendor solution on your own and let Wired Networks do the heavy lifting! Through a single detailed discovery meeting Wired Networks will put together a solution that does everything you need it to, develop a migration and deployment strategy, put boots on the ground to get the solution deployed and then provide next-level customer support for the life of the solution!

That somebody is Wired Networks!

All of the problems mentioned above boil down to the need for 3 things that branch offices have to have:

Failover Solution

Backup connectivity for those times when your broadband connection just isn't cutting it.



Improve performance for your most important applications and put an end to phone frustrations.



Use company data and applications with the peace of mind knowing that your connection is secure.

Fail-over Solutions

Many modern businesses have already realized the need for multiple WAN connections at their offices due to the importance of Cloud applications to their profitability. If their primary connection goes down, having another solution that can keep their users up and running while their help-desk figures out what happened to the primary. These fail-over solutions can save companies a lot of money and help them keep driving revenue when they would otherwise have an office full of users twiddling their thumbs.

Many companies struggle to find a cost effective backup solution that is diverse from their primary network and will meet the needs of their users. Wired Networks works with multiple technologies, including 4G/5G, to make sure that no matter where your office is located and what your primary connection is, we can bring in something diverse with enough bandwidth to keep your users working should something happen!

Network Optimization

Modern networks are built to know that not all traffic is created equally and prioritize the traffic that is most important to your business and its users. When there is plenty of bandwidth this is just a feature that is nice to have; but as more users login and bandwidth becomes scarce it can be the difference between your users getting work done or screaming at their computer/phone and calling IT to open a ticket.

For a long time this level of routing was restricted to expensive MPLS networks but not companies can leverage increased bandwidth and lower prices of internet connections and still accomplish the same end result with SD-WAN and SASE technology! Keeping your network up and running makes sure that your users can stay productive; SD-WAN/SASE technology takes that to the next level by focusing on the user experience you are providing your employees to make sure they are happy and profitable.

Network Security

Keeping your company and customer data secure is just as important when your users are working from home as when they come to the office. With an incredible shortage of security professionals many companies struggle to find the right personnel and expertise to make sure their company/customer data is secure and available. Leverage the knowledge of best in class security providers and have your security built-in to your network-in-a-box for simplicity!

Security as a service (SECaaS) providers make their living making sure your network is secure and you are well within any compliance guidelines your industry may have to meet. Wired Networks has access to all of the best-in-breed SECaaS provides and the expertise to help you zero-in on the right one for your company and its needs! Your time is precious so let us guide you to the right solution for you and include it in an all-in-one network solution like nothing else on the market!

How do you install it?


Why Choose Wired Networks?

We’re a different kind of technology provider, and we think you’ll like that.

By partnering with Wired Networks, we simplify the entire process by giving you all of these options under one bill and utilizing the best prices in each market to keep pricing competitive — all while providing an end user experience with 99.99% uptime.