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Prepare for growth with solutions that can scale easily with your company

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Why chose Wired Networks?

As a vendor agnostic solution provider Wired Networks has access to all of the best in breed Cloud hosting providers and years of experience evaluating those vendors based on what is most important to our customer. Wired Networks has decades of collective experience in evaluating Cloud solutions as well as planning migrations and deploying them. Our team is not only interested in finding a solution that will work, but also in identifying how you can strategically use that solution to grow. You have a lot on your plate, let us help you find the right solution rather than spending countless hours researching endless vendors on your own.

Why go to the Cloud?

Increased server uptime

Keeping servers up and running is central to your business when it comes to everything from having your website available to customers and prospects, to giving your users access to data and applications. In many companies literally every department is in some way dependent on having access to the data hosted here.

Virtual servers can be spun up, right-sized, replicated and maintained remotely bypassing many of the limitations of maintaining your own physical server array. By hosting these servers not only do you have the ability to quickly and easily replicate but you also gain the physical resiliency that comes along with top tier data centers. A lot goes into keeping a site up through whatever nature or people may throw at it, no need to recreate this on your own when you can leverage the investments of others.

Right-size your solution so you don’t overpay

Gone are the days of constantly buying new hardware, upgrading subscriptions and over-purchasing to plan for future growth. With Cloud hosted solutions you can buy only what you need with the peace of mind to know that you can quickly scale those solutions as needed.

You no longer need to choose between scaling and breaking the bank. Have a solution that can grow as quickly as you need it to so that you and your company can focus on what you do best knowing your infrastructure is ready to grow whenever you are!


Traditionally companies have been forced to share resources and CPU with other websites on the same server or maintain their own private dedicated servers to keep their information secure; which can get expensive quickly.

Cloud hosting allows you to secure your data at various levels including network, data, applications and physical. Processes both onsite and virtual at Cloud providers allow you to rest easy knowing your data safety is ensured through customer identity management, data isolation, storage segregation, secure/encrypted solutions, physical and virtual firewalls as well as enterprise level backups for recovery.


Having the ability to instantly allocate resources based on the needs of your website and users is an absolute game-changer for many industries! Add resources such as bandwidth, storage, RAM and countless others remotely and with just a few clicks of the mouse.

All companies are in a constant battle to grow and the last thing that should be holding them back is the very technology that is empowering that growth. The Cloud frees you up to focus on creating the demand for more resources with the security of knowing they will be there when your company is ready for them.


Geographic freedom

Rather than lock yourself to hosting data and applications at physical locations that are owned and maintained by your company, free yourself to leverage a solution that can be hosted and duplicated anywhere! Stop worrying about natural disasters by replicating servers in data-centers far enough apart that the same event can’t affect both.

Gain confidence in the safety of your hosted solutions while still allowing your users secure access to and applications wherever they go.

Improve collaboration

Unlike files hosted locally on PCs and laptops, documents in the Cloud allow multiple users to access and edit them simultaneously. Improve brainstorming sessions and encourage collaboration by enabling them to work together virtually.

Share notes, tasks, documents, drafts, proposals and collaborate in real-time to make sure your team is fully capitalizing on the combined brainpower of all of its most gifted members.

Backup and disaster recovery

Automatically backup data and replicate servers from the comfort of your desk knowing that you are prepared should something go wrong. Pair this ease of use with the geographic diversity mentioned above and you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe from natural disasters, power outages and countless events that would cause significant downtime on a traditional server array.


Don’t worry about having to physically put hands on hardware to make updates or perform maintenance. Go beyond remotely maintaining and updating servers and automate common tasks and maintenance to save your team time and money.

Cloud hosting allows you to leverage technology like artificial intelligence and automation without having to visit several sites or physically interact with servers.

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