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Guaranteed access to your business-critical applications; Wired Networks is your no-hassle path to the Cloud.

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Our proven multi-layered strategy boosts profits with increased network availability

Your network isn’t just an internet connection; it’s your company’s lifeline to the critical Cloud applications that keep the gears of your business turning. When it comes to internet service providers, you have lots of options. Partner with a company that guarantees 99.99% network uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

At Wired Networks, we build highly available WANs so our clients can leverage cloud applications that are guaranteed to perform at 99.99% uptime.

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Best-in-class Hardware Solutions

Based on your needs and goals, we’ll design and procure the best hardware solutions to guarantee maximum network uptime for your business. Our mission is to help companies find and leverage technology that allows them to be more responsive, productive, and resilient.

We work with industry leading hardware and software product vendors to deliver the best-in-class solutions to our clients. Wired Networks can help move your business into the future with confidence.

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Turn-Key Installations

Have a closet full of hardware, but no time to install it? We’ll take care of it! We can install hardware you already have, or custom hardware solutions we design and procure.

Wired Networks is a one-stop shop for all of your technology and business connectivity installation needs, eliminating the hassle of having to contract out to multiple vendors. Guaranteed application access has never been easier.

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Primary Internet Connection

For many modern businesses, internet connectivity is a lifeline. Many people simply can’t do business today without a reliable network due to cloud technologies and hosted applications. Private MPLS, point-to-point networks, dedicated internet circuits, broadband, 4G — there are a variety of different services available.

At Wired Networks, we’re different from our competitors because we’ll consider your needs first in order to determine which network is best for your business. Other providers will try to force you to conform to gain access to their services, when it should really be the other way around.

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Backup Internet Connection

Any number of unforeseen disasters can cause a network outage (weather, over-utilization, construction worker with a backhoe, etc.) meaning that no single connection can truly provide 99.99% uptime. If your business has a single threaded network, then you’ll always be on the edge of disaster should your network go down.

For this reason, we always strive to find a failover backup solution that’s sourced from a different carrier and has a different entry point into the building when possible. This diversity prevents a carrier outage, natural disaster or human error from taking both connections down and leaving you stranded. Plus, we keep things simple by including both connections on a single bill.

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NOC Monitoring & Management

Monitoring and managing your network is a drain on company resources. Do you know how many hours your employees spend on the phone opening tickets and following up on outages each month? By hiring NOC experts, we’ll open tickets with the relevant carrier and bring everything back to normal while you sit back and get updates, without ever having to do a thing.

Our proactive managed NOC solutions guarantee that we’ll fix your downtime issues in a timely manner and work with your team to prevent reoccurring problems. Pair this with the layers above and you won’t even know one of your networks went down until we tell you.

Yes, we can provide just a primary circuit and work with your team much easier than traditional carriers. Yes, we can provide only a 4G failover solution and benefit your business by minimizing downtime. Yes, we can provide strictly NOC services and make sure your staff is never trapped on hold with a carrier again.

We offer all of these services individually, and we do them better than anyone else. However, where we really shine is when we get the opportunity to do all of the above. Take any one of these elements out, and the house comes crumbling down.

This is our multi-layered solution and we’ve proven time and time again that it works.

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Why Choose Wired Networks?

We’re a different kind of technology provider, and we think you’ll like that.

Industries, businesses, and consumers all demand high availability at all times. For this reason, network connectivity is immensely valuable. Unfortunately, achieving maximum network uptime demands extensive time, money, and resources that many businesses can’t afford to staff in-house.

Let’s say you’re charged with managing an entire network for a nationwide company. First, you have to enter into contracts with a wide variety of different carriers to provide service to various geographic locations (or choose one carrier and pay excessive rates when a site falls outside their coverage area). Then, you have to manage billing and contact points with all carriers as well as learn the ticketing process for when connectivity problems arise.

By partnering with Wired Networks, we simplify the process by giving you all of these elements under one bill and utilizing the best priced carrier in each market to keep pricing competitive — all while providing an end user experience of 99.99% uptime.

We believe in providing a high level of customer service – our response time is unheard of in this industry. Paired with our flexible contracts, our three layers of engineered network solutions and services are tailored to each customer and never considered a one-size-fits all approach. All of that — plus you get the peace of mind knowing you have a single point of contact.

Best of all, we have a repeatable system that allows us to build networks so our clients can leverage cloud applications to boost efficiency and increase profits. We do this all day every day — it’s what we do and we’re pretty darn good at it.

Cost Analysis

What is network downtime really costing you?

The avg. annual cost of network downtime for mid-size business.
Up-time is essential to business revenue.

Outages can be solved with back-up hardware and connections.
Outages are costing your business something.
With a focus way beyond selling services, we aim to provide you guaranteed solutions, an easy to work with team, flexible agreements and terms — not to mention you’ll just like us.
From guaranteed 99.99% uptime to lightning fast response time, we’re truly unlike the rest.
Join over 436 satisfied customers.

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