5 Things that Smartsim Technology Solves

Smartsim Technology and Mobility Managment

Imagine a world where you didn’t worry about what wireless carrier had the best coverage. Yep, welcome to the idea and the reality of SmartSIM.

So you are deploying a new location clear across the country, you’ll have 30 users on-site and you will need to provide them with mobility services. Perhaps you are deploying a 4G solution as a primary to be moved to back-up. Maybe you need to order tablets with wireless 4G capability. Do you have a mobile fleet? What carrier has the best service in that area? What’s the best rate plan?

All of these questions are a moot point with SmartSIM because on a Single SIM you can register the device with all major providers, AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile (w/Sprint) on a single SIM card. Not only is it a single SIM card, but you also have a single rate plan across all of these providers. All of these providers are collapsed into one, and you simply have access to their networks with a single rate plan on a single invoice.

Sounds pretty good so far doesn’t it. What’s the catch, well, actually it gets even better. When your device is mobile and using a data-only plan, it will find the best signal and use that provider for the data traffic. Yes, it will automatically switch from the lost signal to the best carrier signal available at that time.

So, as promised in the title, what does this mean and really what does it solve for.

  1. Chasing down two or three carriers for coverage – Single Data provider
  2. Answering the question, “Am I getting the best bang for my buck?” – Single data rate plan
  3. My contact keeps changing at my provider, “Single point of contact when it comes to 4G deployments”
  4. What do these charges mean and why is my bill so hard to decipher? – One Simple Bill
  5. Who is my provider for this location and what support number do I need to call? – Single customer support number

This takes out of the equation sending out activated SIMs or devices that come to find out don’t work in an area or taking the time to figure out what device works in a certain area. We know this is a pain because we have been doing 4G installations for several years and carrier heat maps only get you so far. The world is going to be a much better place with SmartSIM technology and today all of the major providers support it and their MVNO partners, like Wired Networks, are going to be solving customer problems like the one identified above. Make your wireless world a better place and start deploying SmartSIMs! Contact us to see how our mobile management experts can solve your technology issues.

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