Mobility = Freedom!

Mobility = Freedom

For years data and applications have become more available to remote and mobile users thanks to the Cloud. Today users are only limited by their ability to access the internet securely and reliably when it comes to staying productive remotely. With the advent of mobile hot-spots and cell phone tethering users can have some level of access almost anywhere they go. The challenge some users face is making sure that connection is secure and not draining the battery on a device used for consumer use. That challenge ends today!

When it comes to delivering a solution that offers true mobility it is important to make sure it has built-in security features to allow users to access the company network securely, it needs to be self-powered for long periods of time, must have a strong radio to best utilize what signal strength is available in the area as well as antennas to stabilize the connection and prevent poor network performance. On top of all of this, let’s not forget it needs to be portable and easy to travel with! With all of this in mind, let’s explore Wired Networks’s new ‘Anywhere’ solution based on these important features.

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Wired Networks’s new ‘Anywhere’ solution uses an enterprise-grade 4G router with built-in firewall and auto-VPN features. This gives remote users the ability to securely access company data anywhere they go without needing to be an IT wizard. The IT team can actually remotely manage policies and usage on the device without needing to actually make users bring it in to process changes.

Whether it is applying URL filtering, monitoring data usage, updating firmware or updating security policies, your remote workers can stay productive and let the IT team handle the heavy lifting from the comfort of their office! In the end, everybody on your team is doing what they do best to keep the company productive and profitable.


Anybody who has tried to use a hot-spot for an extended amount of time or tether from their cell phone knows that keeping your devices charged can be a challenge. If you are near a power-source of some kind this isn’t that big of a deal, but for truly remote or mobile users the odds are this is a luxury that they won’t have.

To overcome this problem our ‘Anywhere’ solution has a built-in battery pack capable of keeping the router running for 15+ hours of non-stop use. This is more than enough time to keep remote users working until they make it back to a convenient place to recharge.

Reliable Connection

While most people like to think of cellular connections in terms of how well their cell phone performs in remote areas the truth is that there are much more powerful radios available in wireless routers and antennas that would be cumbersome in a phone. By leveraging best-in-class wireless routers with stronger radios than the common cell phone and pairing them with industry leading antennas the performance of our ‘anywhere’ solution is leaps and bounds above cell phones!

Since your user’s ability to connect to company data and applications is central to their productivity, having a mobile solution that is faster and more reliable than their cell phone is important to keeping them profitable!


No matter how fast or reliable a solution is, it won’t matter if it is too cumbersome to use in the field. Comparable solutions have antennas that have to be connected and disconnected each time it is set-up and many of them stick out the side of the case or screw into mounts on the inside of the lid meaning it has to be open to use. The time it takes to set these up and take them down is time your users could be spending getting their work done.

The Wired Networks ‘anywhere’ solution has the antenna built in to the lid so that there is no assembly/disassembly needed and you don’t have to worry about breaking antennas off if you are on the move. With industry leading antennas that cover all relevant bands for wireless carriers you can be sure that this solution is portable and light-weight without sacrificing reliability.

When your users need to be completed cordless and on the move it is important to make sure that you can enable them to do just this without sacrificing reliability or security. Contact us today about getting a demo unit to see if our solution could be right for you!

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