IoT and SD-WAN: If You’ve Failed to Plan, You’ve Planned to Fail

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) are everyday acronyms in the technology world, and we think it’s safe to say that they have both proven they are here to stay.

The rise of the Internet of Things has created entire networks of connected devices that open doors for new levels of visibility, productivity and innovation. Companies that aren’t yet taking advantage of the possibilities presented by IoT technology will soon find themselves losing market share to their competitors who can provide a better customer experience using these tools.

The only thing potentially more damaging than not having an IoT strategy at all is having a poorly executed plan. This leads to confusion, poor customer experience, and potentially devastating security breaches.

The strength that IoT provides with the increased number of end-points working together is also its greatest weakness when it comes to security. All it takes is one end-point to be outside the existing security infrastructure to create a potential backdoor for hackers. (Just ask Target.)

Security aside, IoT deployments can quickly become more trouble than they’re worth when you get to the branch level of your network.

Creating a reliable network all the way down to the branch level, with appropriate bandwidth allotment for all applications, is a necessity within a successful IoT deployment. Performance at the branch level can be incredibly difficult to control due to a lack of local IT engineering assets, less than ideal bandwidth options, and in many cases decreased visibility based on what network equipment is deployed.

Enter SD-WAN to save the day. 

Managed SD-WAN solutions allow branch locations to make the best of whatever bandwidth options are available to them, while allowing remote IT personnel the visibility and control needed to manage the environment and troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise.

From a security standpoint, SD-WAN creates a pathway for IT professionals to easily segregate and monitor all end-points, as well as to apply the necessary security measures.

In many ways, SD-WAN is the missing puzzle piece for many companies’ IoT strategies.

Get connected, stay connected, and create a technology plan that drives productivity — and ultimately revenue for your company. If you can accomplish these things, then you’ll be one of the most valuable people within your company.

Most of these goals can be addressed by two concepts that really started cementing themselves into our industry within just the last few years. IoT can drive your company into a new era of productivity and connectivity, while SD-WAN can ensure that all the tools needed are available to the IT team to make these deployments successful.

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