Wouldn’t it Be Nice to Truly Own Your End User Experience?

We’re talking very specifically about owning your user’s experience to a granular level.

You wouldn’t only know what applications they’re using (throughput required), but you’d also have automatic policies based on the application type for QoS across the internet.

Not only would the user’s experience be improved, but your business units and IT would have peace of mind that the applications are known, being supported and under the control of a centralized dashboard for everyone’s visibility.

No this isn’t a fantasy; it’s real and we can show you how.

This isn’t some “pie in the sky” scenario anymore — thanks to managed SD-WAN solutions providing more visibility not only into the network but also the applications.

The explosion of SaaS, which is simply cloud-based applications, is driving the need for this level of granularity.

SD-WAN doesn’t accomplish this alone; you’ll also need a Software Asset Management engine that integrates with your SD-WAN solution.

Mid-markets and enterprise entities have had visibility and controls for several years now. They’ve had the ability to reasonably predict the end-user experience because the applications were on the network.

Today, that’s changed significantly due to SaaS (aka cloud applications).

The individual business units are now dumping more and more on the network and, in some cases, this is going unchecked, unnoticed and out of mind for the IT staff.

As you can imagine that has the potential for very real and significant problems for end-user experience…among other things.

The need for visibility and flexibility with the Cloud and the Network is more important than ever due to the expenses related to SaaS and the potential for risk.

Now is the time to get your brain (and your business) around this growing cloud trend. The tools are here; it’s time to put them to work for your business because the ROI is real and so is the dramatic decline in risk.

Provide your business the peace of mind of controlling the user experience, minimizing risk and making the business even more efficient.

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