Wired Networks’s Why: Our Unique Mission & Purpose

Behind every business, there’s a reason why the owner chose to do what they do. Maybe you were tired of being miserable and working for others who were miserable. Or perhaps you wanted to follow your dream and make a difference.
Whatever it was, every business has a Why — their fundamental purpose.
Simon Senek, a world famous motivational speaker, author and leadership expert, takes this idea one step further by suggesting that the Why is the most important factor if you want to grow as an individual and as a business.
The proof of your Why is provided by what you do — the features and benefits you provide to your customers.

What’s Wired Networks’s Why?

There are a lot of issues when it comes to telecommunications and networking — including slow response times from vendors, cumbersome contracts, orders that don’t get installed timely, customer service issues, billing issues, lots of wasted time and frustration by employees that have to deal with them, just to name a few.
We know because our experts have worked in this industry for decades, as direct reps and sales agents.
Everyday, we were surprised by the new challenge that we would be faced with, almost as though we didn’t want to make or keep sales depending on the situation. The running joke at the carrier was the sale was the easy part — getting it through the contract, order and implementation process was the hard part. And the customer rarely came out the other end happy or satisfied.
At some point, it’s easy to no longer believe in what you’re doing. In sales, that’s never good.

Where did we go from here?

With a vast knowledge in the solutions available and a genuine love of the industry, but without a conduit to provide these solutions, we decided to start our own company that solves these problems.

So every time we have a happy and satisfied customer in the end who says they’ve never experienced what Wired Networks was able to accomplish, we remember that the outcome is our Why!

The outcome is simple, but to solve for it is complicated and takes time.
For Wired Networks, the most important aspect is having a team of excellent employees who love what they do and are highly proficient. Then, we address every customer deliverable because any aspect of this complicated process can jeopardize the final goal, which is having a very happy customer. To accomplish this, we have to be flexible. This is how we’re able to remain ahead of the competition with our solutions and services.
And therein lies the secret to our success: flexibility.

Is it working?

Absolutely! The proof is that we consistently have very happy customers. They are the first to tell us we aren’t perfect, but they’ll tell you that their experience is like nothing they’ve ever had before. And that’s Why we do what we do — and we do it better than anyone else.

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