What is NOC (Network Operations Center) Monitoring?

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Not sure what a Network Operations Center (NOC) is, what it does, or how it relates to remote monitoring and management services? Good news! You’ve come to the right place…

NOC (pronounced like the word “knock”) stands for “network operations center,” which is the central place in an organization where administrators supervise, monitor, and maintain a company’s telecommunications network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Generally speaking, NOC monitoring roles can be broken into three individual subcategories:

  • Computer. NOC specialists in this environment must manage computer networks that may contain hundreds or even millions of servers.
  • Telecommunications. NOCs must manage power outages, communication line alarms, and any performance issues that may impact the company’s network.
  • Satellite. NOC engineers in this environment are responsible for monitoring satellite network environments that process large amounts of voice and video data.

The main purpose of an NOC (also referred to as a network management center) specialist is to provide an enterprise with network troubleshooting, software distribution, router updates, domain name management, performance monitoring, and affiliated network coordination.

If any action from IT or the managed server provider (MSP) is required, an NOC technician typically creates tickets or alerts to pinpoint the issue and categorize the threat based on severity. In some organizations, the NOC and the MSP can create technical teams which collaborate to resolve the issue and identify the root cause to prevent the same problem from happening again in the future.

In large corporations, NOC monitoring is typically done by a designated team that’s responsible for closely monitoring networks being used by the company, as well as storing the necessary software to manage these important networks.

In small and medium-sized businesses, however, NOC management may be the job of just a single employee or is more commonly outsourced to managed NOC support services.

Offloading monotonous, day-to-day NOC management allows a third-party technical team to serve as an extension of the businesses workforce. Their role is to maximize network uptime and user satisfaction, allowing the business to focus on growth, profits, and scaling their enterprise.

Why Choose Wired Networks for your NOC Services?

Unlike other telecom companies, our NOC support proactively open tickets on your behalf.

Many of our customers have previously paid for NOC offerings that notify them when something is wrong, then they have to go open a ticket. Poor communication and a lack of proactive action from NOC services have plagued the industry.

That’s not the case with Wired Networks.

Our NOC experts identify and fix the problem before it becomes… well… a problem. And we keep you in the loop the entire time. We want to put you at ease knowing our NOC is tackling potential issues before they arise so that your IT team doesn’t have to waste a ton of time on the phone opening tickets and following up.

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