A Major Southeast Regional Bank

Regional Bank Case Study

A Major Southeast Regional Bank

Case Study

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Turn-key network solutions for one of the largest bank holding companies based in Atlanta

Problem: Customer required a WAN solution with a service provider that could be a more proactive part of the team, and also aimed to increase the reliability of their current solution.

Solution: Wired Networks has had a long-standing relationship with this client. Over the years, we have helped to engineer and architect a network infrastructure that provides them with 99.99% uptime at their remote bank and mortgage locations.

Over time, the bank’s mortgage division has been expanding and with it came the need for fast turn-ups due to the competitive nature of the industry. We were able to satisfy this need by providing all hardware components (router, switch and firewall), equipment was sent pre-configured and pre-tested to the location, where we had a remote installation tech install the equipment. We would then turn-up the 4G router, activate and test. We tested that all applications worked as advertised, and we would release the tech.

When the primary MPLS was made available, we would again put our techs on-site and roll the primary 4G connection to a backup failover. Due to the cost effective nature of this solution and our team’s ability to provide the 4G-as-a Service, we then replaced all bank T-1s for failover with the 4G/LTE solution.

Today, the bank and mortgage sites have over 80+ locations utilizing Wired Networks 4G failover solutions.

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Client Profile

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Industry: Banking
Employees: 2,500+
Locations: Over 100 branches


  • Banking
  • Loans
  • Wealth Management
  • Personal & Commercial

The final piece to the puzzle was adding Wired Networks’s NOC monitoring services so that problems that cropped up in the middle of the night could be identified and repaired before the branches or mortgage offices opened in the morning. This solution also gave the customer direct access to tier 3 network resource to solve more in-depth and challenging network issues.


Initial Services – We delivered a turn-key installation of new MPLS network, which included technical reconfiguration of existing network equipment.

Follow-on Services – We provided a fully integrated turn-key installation of a backup network with automatic failover and failback. The backup network uses CenturyLink MPLS T1’s as well 4G/LTE wireless services. With the addition of the backup network services the customer also converted 80+ bank and mortgage branch locations over to our 24/7 managed NOC services to ensure issues were being addressed even when their offices were closed.

“Wired Networks was instrumental in allowing us a way to break into competitive mortgage markets and hit the ground running with their guaranteed office in box solution. We identified the site, they would procure the necessary circuits, router, firewall and switch. Test and turn-up. The solution worked, every time! Great job Wired Networks!”

About Wired Networks

A carrier like no other, Wired Networks engineers unique technology solutions for mid-size businesses in multiple industries — including banks, automotive and recreational vehicle dealerships, and aggregate companies.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our support team provides fanatically-fast responses to our customers’ problems and questions.
  • We do the full install, and offer 24/7 NOC monitoring.
  • Only ONE simple monthly bill.
  • Guaranteed network up-time rates of 99.99% or more.
  • No finger pointing if there’s an outage, we just fix it so you can get back to work.

Most importantly: We actually deliver on our promises!

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