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Case Study

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Reliable network solutions for a Texas health care and rehabilitative services company

Problem: This customer was plagued by a network that could not reliably carry voice and data services. They couldn’t get any assistance from their carrier on getting the issue resolved.

Solution: The first challenge at hand was to work with their existing provider and identify the issue with their existing SIP configuration, which turned out to be the lack of interoperability testing between the service provider and the customers PBX vendor. After some debug testing was performed, the SIP trunk parameters were corrected and the sites were stabilized.

The follow-on to this solution was to provide a service provider that would not place the customer in this situation down the road, or at least be a willing participant to assist and take ownership of network based issues. With those parameters in mind, we brought a MPLS provider to the table who was tried, true, and proven, as well as a separate SIP provider who would directly connect to the customers MPLS network and provide end-to-end quality for SIP traffic.

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Client Profile

Headquarters: Denton, TX
Industry: Health Care Services & Hospitals
Employees: 5,000 to 10,000
Locations: 80+


  • Hospice Care
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Respite Care
  • Long Term Care

Midway through this customer’s initial contract, they ran into a major outage at their corporate/data center office. We placed the customer in a more secure and reliable data center, providing them with network redundancy so a single network outage would not cause a loss of server access to nursing home support or the corporate staff.

We provided a solution that leveraged their WAN for SIP that could be repeatedly configured and supported. We also provided a voice quality that compared to that of the PSTN.

We added on top of this solution a 24/7/365 managed network offering that would identify all hardware and circuit issues to our NOC and would isolate the issue and resolve on the customer’s behalf.

Our last encounter with this customer was jumping in and picking up the pieces where a contractor had left them high and dry on a firewall installation. The customer was facing a deadline for a healthcare compliance audit and we were able to pick up the pieces and install a secure firewall. This allowed them to pass their audit and continue to operate their healthcare facilities.


Our initial service was free consulting to get the prior SIP services they had up and running. We then procured and provided turn-key installation of a new MPLS network, which included technical install of phone and network equipment and configuration, MPLS, and the integration of the new SIP provider.

As the customer grew, they found it hard to keep up with the demands of monitoring their network and proactively working with the carriers to get issues resolved quickly, so they outsourced all of their high priority sites to our managed NOC services, then added our backup 4G/LTE services to critical locations that were experiencing unstable network connectivity

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  • No finger pointing if there’s an outage, we just fix it so you can get back to work.

Most importantly: We actually deliver on our promises!

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