Balfour Case Study

Balfour Case Study


Case Study

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End-to-end network support solutions for a 100-year-old startup company

Problem: Balfour decided to partner with Wired Networks as a reseller for their MPLS network when they needed to cut over all their locations.

In the beginning, there was an issue with their provider, AT&T, being dispatched and then not installing into the correct location for our larger location. Mistaken assumptions were made by the technicians.

One of the biggest issues Balfour faced was at one site when they waited too long to actually cut over to the new MPLS link. Unbeknownst to them, AT&T will stop traffic on links that don’t show activity, so when Balfour cut over to the new MPLS connection, they didn’t see the site come up.

Solution: Wired Networks provided countless business-critical services and solutions to Balfour throughout our partnership, including:

  • Troubleshooting issues with their network
  • Saving their team time and hassle by acting as the “middle man” between them and their service provider (AT&T)
  • Weekly update calls to keep communication lines open
  • Working directly with the local contacts in some remote locations
  • Ensuring that every site was cut over in a timely manner and equipment was installed properly
  • Reviewing configs and providing simple scripts to get the new MPLS links up without fail
  • Timely technical support

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Client Profile

Headquarters: Austin, TX

Industry: Consumer Products Manufacturing

Employees: 1,200+

Locations: 10 facilities

Providers of school solutions, including:

  • Yearbook tools
  • Caps and gowns
  • High school rings and traditions
  • High school rings and traditions
  • College rings and traditions
  • Championship rings

“One of the best things about switching over to Wired Networks is that I no longer have to deal with getting to an actual person at AT&T to open up trouble tickets again. The team at Wired Networks has completely removed that need and are able go a step beyond what I’d be able to get accomplished with dealing with AT&T directly. It has literally freed up hours of needless calling and navigating AT&T’s endless phone system to only discover I was with the wrong department the whole time.”
Luis Miranda
Cisco Network Engineer at Balfour

About Wired Networks

A carrier like no other, Wired Networks engineers unique technology solutions for mid-size businesses in multiple industries — including banks, automotive and recreational vehicle dealerships, and aggregate companies.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our support team provides fanatically-fast responses to our customers’ problems and questions.
  • We do the full install, and offer 24/7 NOC monitoring.
  • Only ONE simple monthly bill.
  • Guaranteed network up-time rates of 99.99% or more.
  • No finger pointing if there’s an outage, we just fix it so you can get back to work.

Most importantly: We actually deliver on our promises!

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