How Can 4G LTE Benefit Your Business?

4G/LTE technology offers businesses an always-on, cost-effective solution for a primary, backup, or hybrid network connectivity solution. As the fourth major generation of mobile network technology, 4G tackles the connectivity challenges that have been stifling your business.
In fact, 67% of businesses already using 4G/LTE in the United States report increased productivity across their departments, with sales, customer services, and other externally-focused departments citing the most benefit. (source)
Whether you’re looking at 4G as a backup, failover solution or a primary network option, the benefits surrounding the technology make it more attractive than ever for businesses across the globe.


The improved bandwidth, latency, and capacity of 4G provides your business with the connectivity you need to increase your network performance, thereby boosting productivity and profits.


The architecture and efficiency of 4G/LTE offers a number of benefits to businesses regardless of size, industry, or location. The versatility and flexibility of 4G allows you to customize a solution that specifically fits your needs and isn’t bound by the limitation of wired technology.
But it’s not an all or nothing game with 4G/LTE technology.


For backup or failover scenarios, 4G provides high-speed connectivity to keep your business up and running in the event of an outage in your primary network. No matter what you do, network downtime happens—and when it does, 4G can keep your business moving even when everything else seems to be standing still.


Today’s business landscape is more diverse than ever, meaning companies have to deal with challenges that they simply didn’t have a decade ago. Fortunately, the speed and versatility that 4G offers can be leveraged for primary connectivity in locations that may not have options for wired solutions like cable, fiber, or DSL.


Today, businesses must determine the most effective ways to keep remote employees, road warriors, and even IoT devices connected without missing a beat. 4G does just that.
And since 4G/LTE comes at a relatively low cost, businesses can deploy this solution and enjoy a greater return on investment, minimized loss due to downtime, and a scalable solution for connecting multiple locations.

Why 4G is worth it

Other business benefits of 4G LTE solutions include:

  • Instantaneous deployment
  • No set-up or installation costs
  • Widespread geographical coverage
  • Not restricted by extreme terrain
  • Applications can be fixed or mobile, enabling connectivity while mobile

In short, deploying a 4G LTE-enabled solution ensures maximum uptime, fast deployment, cost-effective connectivity, ease of management, and the scalability your business needs to remain competitive and connected.
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