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The Difference between a 4G/LTE Provisioned Device and a 4G/LTE M2M Solution

Posted by:SteveRoos onDecember 7, 2015

Anyone can walk into your local Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint store and walk out with a provisioned device for M2M.  So what is the difference? 

The difference is between having a provisioned device and a provisioned device that will work as an integral part of your networking infrastructure, being supportable, monitored, and managed that will support your M2M applications. 

Remember these devices are facing the Internet and are the first piece of hardware that all the hackers, malware, and viruses get to traverse first as they attempt to enter your M2M network.  We have complete suite of services intended to keep the bad guys out and your 4G/LTE devices current on their firmware (this one is a must).

So at Wired Networks we go the extra mile in making sure that the device we provision will provide optimal service at your location where it will be deployed.  We monitor such things as Signal to Noise Level and Receive Signal Level just to name a few to ensure we are getting the best possible signal to the 4G device.  What happens if we get less than desirable results?  We start out with external antennas and alignments and move all the way up the ladder to using dual high gain directional Yagi antennas with dual signal boosters which are band specific to the service provider.  Not a cheap solution but a reliable/optimized solution to make sure your M2M applications have connectivity.  In some cases we deploy dual 4G/LTE carriers on a router to increase our 4G/LTE uptime in areas that are coverage challenged.

The truth of the matter is there are few companies that will sell you 4G/LTE service, 4G/LTE hardware, and 4G/LTE installation wrapped together because they know it takes more than plugging it in to make it work.  This is why we tend to sell it as a service so our customers aren’t burdened with trying to figure it all out.  We are in the business of providing solutions that removes burden from our customers and placing it in our hands.  When you’re ready to get a 4G/LTE solution give us a call and we’ll design a solution that meets your needs vice handing your parts and pieces.

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