Chief Information Officer doesn’t quite cover everything you’ve got to handle. No matter whether you’ve got three employees that work for your department or if you manage a very large IT staff, you’ve got similar concerns. At Wired Networks we know what you’re looking for and we’ve put together a page designed just for you.

Case Study

Exco Resources

Problem(s) – Required a WAN and voice solution in 60 days for 175 users.

Solution – Migrated 8 locations and new corporate office to Hosted VoIP solution while providing a turn-key installation of phones, equipment and services. This included the migration of phone numbers frommultiple providers to a single Hosted VoIP solution.

Services – Turn-key installation of new MPLS network which included technical install of phone and network equipment and configuration, MPLS Hosted VoIP.

Problem(s) solved – The biggest obstacle in this project was insuring that we could get the phone lines ported from the existing provider to the new provider in the allotted timeframe. This took a great deal of coordination with the remote locations and a well-organized hosted VoIP provider. MPLS network and Hosted Phone network were both operational in the allotted time.

Network Downtime Calculator

Adjust the values to fit your company and see how much you could be losing to network downtime and how much you could be saving with Wired Networks.

Network Downtime Calculator

Total Annual Loss from Network Downtime:

Annual Savings:

Gross Revenue*
1,000,000 - 5,000,000,000
# of Employees *
50 - 10,000
Avg # hours of downtime per outage *
1 - 8

# of locations *
2 - 200

Outages per month *
0 - 10

# of IT employees impacted *
0 - 100

Salary per hour of IT
employee trouble shooting outages *
10 - 200
Avg salary per hour
of employee *
10 - 200



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