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Cloud Applications in the mid-markets!

Posted by:JeremyKerth

Cloud Applications in the mid-markets? A view of our small piece of the IT world. However, I thought it might be interesting to hear what Wired Networks is seeing over the last six to twelve months as it relates to the adoption of cloud applications in the mid-markets.  I know, everyone defines the mid-markets differently….

WAN network downtime and quality issues, what’s at the heart of it?

Posted by:JeremyKerth

Over the last couple of years, the more our clients have come to rely on the network, the more painful it is when there is WAN network downtime or quality issues.  Most organizations don’t like network downtime or quality issues, but some have no tolerance for it at all. At the heart of the matter,…

Cloud Adoption, who’s buying it and who’s not?

Posted by:JeremyKerth

Ever heard of the CLOUD? I am kidding. My five year old has heard of the cloud. If there’s ever been a time in IT where a technology has been hyped it’s now. We spend most of our time in the mid-markets with clients in the 250-1000 employee range and the adoption of cloud has…

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