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The Difference between a 4G/LTE Provisioned Device and a 4G/LTE M2M Solution

Posted by:SteveRoos

Anyone can walk into your local Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint store and walk out with a provisioned device for M2M.  So what is the difference?  The difference is between having a provisioned device and a provisioned device that will work as an integral part of your networking infrastructure, being supportable, monitored, and managed that will…

Little Known Cloud Facts

Posted by:Chase Linscomb

  The cloud has been with us longer than most folks after the baby boomer era realize. The primary fact being the on-going name change that client-server applications have gone through, even to the point of basically turning the cloud off for most applications for darn near a decade. However this time the entrenchment and services…

Tips for Navigating Contract Negotiations

Posted by:Chase Linscomb

Disclaimer, we aren’t attorneys, we don’t want to be attorneys, but we have access to some very good attorneys should you need it. Now, here’s the thing, we are telecom solution providers, which means we provide well-vetted, best-in-class carrier solutions.  Since we have been doing this for over 50 years collectively, we have consequently looked…

VoIP’s Two Big Problems

Posted by:SteveRoos

  We’ve had the knowledge and technology to solve both of these issues for many years. The number one reason they remain unsolved is because of the massive hit they take on the wallet. Call Quality Installing private networks for service providers and adding QOS just doesn’t scale for a service that requires any to…

“Explosive” Success with Wired Networks

Posted by:Chase Linscomb

  Old telecom hardware, guns and way too much tannerite suprisingly proves to be a pretty great way to tell a little bit about the story behind Wired Networks. There’s no doubt that we’re not your run of the mill telecom provider, and if this video isn’t proof of that you’ll just have to meet…

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