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When to use a VPN

Posted by:Chase Linscomb

  When to use a VPN? We hear this constantly at Wired Networks, so lets dig into the weeds a little bit on this one and hopefully clear this up for the management. You need to encrypt all your information in motion across a WAN (yes, I have done some PCI security work). The first myth we have…

Internet availability vs. MPLS availability

Posted by:JeremyKerth

Internet availability vs. MPLS availability? There’s no question broadband is everywhere these days.  In your car, restaurant, shops, businesses, even on the top of the highest mountains and in some of the most remote places on earth.  With the right equipment a digital data transmission can be sent from just about anywhere.  The ubiquity of…

Remove static routes for WAN Network fail-over and failback

Posted by:SteveRoos

Have you ever opened up a router config and you have three pages of static routes that just seem to add an ungodly amount of clutter and confusion to the configuration. Of course the other thing this does is slows down troubleshooting any sort of router or network issue. The most basic rule for router…

Does more bandwidth solve application performance?

Posted by:JeremyKerth

What is the real relationship between bandwidth and application performance?  What is the first thing most SMB IT organizations do to fix core application performance issues? Do they take a deep dive into packet inspection and determine exactly what is at the root of the problem?   Sure, they have plenty of time to do that and…

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