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Tips for Navigating Contract Negotiations

Posted by:Chase Linscomb

Disclaimer, we aren’t attorneys, we don’t want to be attorneys, but we have access to some very good attorneys should you need it. Now, here’s the thing, we are telecom solution providers, which means we provide well-vetted, best-in-class carrier solutions.  Since we have been doing this for over 50 years collectively, we have consequently looked…

Carrier Evaluation, who has the ‘Best’ MPLS Network?

Posted by:SteveRoos

Carrier Evaluation, who has the ‘Best’ MPLS Network? After 32 years in the telecom industry and working my way up through the ranks to an Engineer and Trainer I get asked all the time “Who has the best MPLS network?”. Well first of all that word best has to be broken down a little because…

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