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VoIP’s Two Big Problems

Posted by:SteveRoos

  We’ve had the knowledge and technology to solve both of these issues for many years. The number one reason they remain unsolved is because of the massive hit they take on the wallet. Call Quality Installing private networks for service providers and adding QOS just doesn’t scale for a service that requires any to…

Are all carrier Ethernet connections created equal?

Posted by:JeremyKerth

We continue debating shared/switched Ethernet as a WAN solution with peers in the industry, vendors and customers.  The argument from our perspective is not all ethernet connections are created equal.  The opinions are varied, some are based on fact, some are based on being in the industry too long and cynicism has set in and others just…

Does more bandwidth solve application performance?

Posted by:JeremyKerth

What is the real relationship between bandwidth and application performance?  What is the first thing most SMB IT organizations do to fix core application performance issues? Do they take a deep dive into packet inspection and determine exactly what is at the root of the problem?   Sure, they have plenty of time to do that and…

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