Case Studies

Case Studies

Problem(s) – Required a WAN and voice solution in 60 days for 175 users.

Solution – Migrated 8 locations and new corporate office to Hosted VoIP solution while providing a turn-key installation of phones, equipment and services. This included the migration of phone numbers frommultiple providers to a single Hosted VoIP solution.

Services – Turn-key installation of new MPLS network which included technical install of phone and network equipment and configuration, MPLS Hosted VoIP.

Problem(s) solved – The biggest obstacle in this project was insuring that we could get the phone lines ported from the existing provider to the new provider in the allotted timeframe. This took a great deal of coordination with the remote locations and a well-organized hosted VoIP provider. MPLS network and Hosted Phone network were both operational in the allotted time.

Problem(s) – Multiple carriers/invoices for WAN, outages/issues/downtime, lack of support, unreliable VoIP solution, key system maintenance and configuration costs

Solution(s) – Collapsed WAN carriers from 5+ to one using MPLS. Provided a turn-key technical installincluding equipment configuration and installation. Added an additional carrier for back-up circuit and on-going network monitoring and management, also turn-key installed. Removed PBX and moved to a highly available VoIP solution. Able to provide 99.99% uptime guarantee and provided in writing on managed service solution with a no further obligation money back guarantee.

Services – Hardware, on-site technicians, Project Management, Hardware configuration, Hosted VoIP, MPLS, back-up circuits, Network Monitoring and Network Management

Problems solved:

  • 3 invoices total instead of 10+
  • eliminated downtime with primary/back-up 99.99% network uptime guarantee
  • removed all key systems and moved voice solution solely to a highly available hosted VoIP cloud architecture
  • Added an additional layer of support, a third party quarterback to escalate and resolve all support issues and needs

Problem(s): No longer wanted to manage the issues related to broadband VPNs.

Solution(s): First looked at AT&T, but their early approach on MPLS was built on old Frame Relay technology to a pure MPLS solution and they couldn’t provide a turn-key install as Bluelinx had limited resources internally to manage, configure and install a new network. Wired Networks partnered with Century Link to provide a turn-key solution that removed all migration efforts from BlueLinx to Wired Networks all the way down to post-installation application layer testing at all sites and Century Linkprovided the pure MPLS solution to all BlueLinx locations at a lower cost than the previous hybrid network that it replaced.

Service(s): MPLS, project managed technical install including configuration and support.

Problem(s) solved: This solution in the end decreased their vendors, provided network SLA’s for all locations, and poured the foundation for them to begin the move to Voice over IP (VoIP) which further increased their ROI on the Data Network by displacing 50% of the cost associated with running a separate voice network.

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