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Knowing what you don’t know about Switched Ethernet!

Posted by:SteveRoos

I was once told by an individual some of the smartest people that he knows are those that know what they don’t know. Now with Switched Ethernet we must know what we don’t know because once we get past the fact there’s a great price, we still have end users that we must support on…

Are all carrier Ethernet connections created equal?

Posted by:JeremyKerth

We continue debating shared/switched Ethernet as a WAN solution with peers in the industry, vendors and customers.  The argument from our perspective is not all ethernet connections are created equal.  The opinions are varied, some are based on fact, some are based on being in the industry too long and cynicism has set in and others just…

What happens behind the WAN?

Posted by:SteveRoos

Is what happens behind the WAN (the LAN)  important to our WAN environment? Well after living in Alaska for ten years I will answer that with the stand rhetorical question asked there “does a bear crap in the woods?” So if you are still reading I guess you figured out that just because we are…

Cloud Applications in the mid-markets!

Posted by:JeremyKerth

Cloud Applications in the mid-markets? A view of our small piece of the IT world. However, I thought it might be interesting to hear what Wired Networks is seeing over the last six to twelve months as it relates to the adoption of cloud applications in the mid-markets.  I know, everyone defines the mid-markets differently….

The art of when to use a VPN?

Posted by:SteveRoos

When to use a VPN?  Well today’s topic is one that we here constantly at Wired Networks so we are good to dig into the weeds a little bit on this one and hopefully give the management folks more information to make this a little more clear. So sit back relax and enjoy the ride…

Remote Network Management anyone?

Posted by:JeremyKerth

Remote Network management anyone? You’re at your buddies house watching the game and you get an alert by email the corporate network is down and you are it, pin the tail on the donkey.  You are the guy/gal on call to troubleshoot and isolate the problem.  Perfect! If you had a $100 in your pocket…

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